Vinny's "Used"Cars

Greenlight - PhillyMint Exclusive / 1996 Corvette Collector Edition / Limited Edition / 1:24th scale

Sebring Silver w/ Torch Red Interior

Display as "3-footer" or "Daily Driver" Corvettes with minor defects

Part #: 51093R-V

Condition: A special offering on Vinny's Used Cars...the inspected and rejected models from our exclusive 1996 Corvette Collector Edition production run by Greenlight. The flaws are in the Sebring Silver paint job...dirt/dust in the paint, some defects caused by mishandling at the factory. Some of these flaws are hard to see with the naked eye, making these models EXCELLENT "3-footers". The digital cameras of today make some of these flaws look somewhat exaggerated. Fortunately for collectors, you can now add this exclusive Corvette to your Franklin and Danbury Mint 1:24 collection for only $9.95 each while supplies last! If you're a regular Vinny's Used Car buyer and don't mind one or two surface flaws at a good price...then this is the deal for you. This listing is for the Sebring Silver Corvette with RED interior. Sold as is - no returns or exchanges.

Price: $9.95 each

Status: In Stock

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