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International Shipping Effective 4/12/2021

 $70.00 USPS with Customs Tracking Number

1 model $70.00 (U.K. $80.00)

2 or more models email or call for exact shipping cost

(Your credit card charge with PhillyMint does not include your country's custom fees and taxes when the model arrives, although some international destinations have been known not to collect the fees.)



  • In addition to your credit card number, we require the 3 or 4-digit security number on the back of the card, usually found on the signature strip. You may enter this number in the comment field.
  • We require the card holders phone number & email address where we can confirm that you are the owner of the credit card.
  • Billing address and shipping address must match.
  • International credit card approvals are processed by phone with Visa/Mastercard/AMX/Discover Merchant Services. Be sure your card is in good standing before you submit a credit card order with us. Merchant Service rejections automatically cancels your order and puts a restriction on your account.






International orders are shipped via U.S.Postal Service- Air Parcel Post, partnered with other 3rd party carriers.. Some countries require that you pick-up your package at customs. Check with your local authorities.  This service is the most economical, dependable and delivered in 7-10 days to most countries. Keep in mind that all countries do not ship door to door and that you may be required to pickup you package at your local customs office to pay additional taxes and fees for your country. U.S.-Host country Postal Services has never lost a package in 20 years, but they have been returned to us for failure of the customer to pickup their package within 30 days . We can also ship UPS International at higher cost for high value shipments over $1,000.00.








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We ship USPS Air Priority
International. UPS at extra cost.