Franklin Mint / 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible / Limited Edition 1,000 / FM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Marietta and Beaumont Blue

Pontiac sure lost the “Mom and Pop” image with its long, low, V-8 propelled, 1955 Star Chief convertible. First, they dropped the road clearance three inches. Then, they dropped in a “Strato-Streak” V-8 that was 22 cubic inches bigger than Chevy’s “Hot One.” They topped it off with a unique two tone paint scheme, lot’s of chrome, and—et voila!—a new, sleeker image of Fifties’ chic was born.

I passed on the two previous images for too long and missed out. But now I’m glad I waited. Someone told me about a Tinder Box LE and I found one on eBay that was going for the original selling price with no bids on it and just hours to go! It was a gorgeous two-tone blue—light on top (Marietta Blue), dark on the bottom (Beaumont Blue). I dropped in a bid and crossed my fingers. Not too long later I got the notification I’d won. Incredibly, the image was lost in the mail (!) but the seller was a real gentleman and sent me a second one (insured, this time) at no further charge.

I read Jay Olin’s reviews on the other two images and pretty much agree with his assessments. Though the doors on mine are tight, the gaps are a tad wide, as is the one where the hood meets the cowl (the trunk’s fine). Nevertheless, it’s still a great looking image, with some of the more recent whistles and bells (fully detailed engine, working suspensions, tilting seat backs, and nice interior/dash detailing). The Independent Retailers’ LE program is definitely one of FM’s better ideas and has given new life to some of FM’s “older sisters.” This ’55 Pontiac is the second one I’ve gotten so far (see my review on the ’61 Lincoln) and I’m extremely happy with my acquisitions. If the program continues, they won’t be the last ones I buy.   By: Tom Pine 1/03/2004

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