Franklin Mint / 1967 Corvette Convertible / Wal-Mart Limited Edition / FM DISCONTINUED / 1:24th Scale

Red w/ black stinger hood

This model is substantially the first and original release they issued in 1994 in Tuxedo Black. I wondered why they didnít repaint the model this color after looking at the passengerís side of their clear cast issue in red; it looked really good. Well, itís taken a while but here it is. A boon to the collector? An attraction to the new and un-seasoned diecast-to-be-diehard? Who knows, but try not to speculate on these models. Few, any longer, are going to be instant retiree-makers. Youíve all heard it before, collect what you like. I suppose that is still true. And hey, I like this model. Yes, it is old technology. But there is good engine detail, excellent paint coverage and itís a Corvette, a sure sale in the diecast marketplace.

from the "Garden State Chevrolet" Franklin Mint Collection

Part #: E224


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Status: SOLD!

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