Danbury Mint / 1958 Ford Thunderbird / Number Limited Edition / 1:24th Scale

Silver & Black

Scale 1:24; 8-1/2" in length.

Despite tough criticism, Ford took a major gamble in 1958 and released the first four-seater Thunderbird. This newly designed "Square Bird" was one of only two American cars to grow sales during '58, a recession year.  But it didn't stop there. The 58 T-bird outsold its two-seater '57 predecessor by more than 76 percent! And, it was named Motor Trend's Car of the Year. Our limited edition Platinum Metallic and Raven Black reproduction comes with an interchangeable Continental Kit and standard rear bumper so you can display the model whichever way you like best.

from the "Mile-High" Danbury Mint Collection

Serial #1474

Part #: DM1526M

Condition: Mint-like new in the box with title and care instructions

Price: $165.00

Status: In Stock

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