AutoArt / Millennium Edition / 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark/ 1:18th scale


     When Bill Mitchell, the head of General Motors, hooked and landed a shark during a deep sea fishing holiday off Bimini, it inspired the development of the Mako Shark 1 concept car. The aggressive look and graded coloration of the mounted shark's head set the styling motif for the design by Larry Shinoda of a car that became known as the Corvette Shark. From inspiration to realization took no more than a few months, the aim being to debut the Shark during a race weekend at Elkhart Lake in the summer of 1961. Painted in an iridescent blue that blended into a white underbody, the Shark, like its namesake, caused a sensation when it toured the course at Elkhart Lake and was officially displayed by Chevrolet for the first time at the New York Show in April, 1962.

This model features, opening hood, doors, and trunk with operating steering.  It provides precision detailed interior and engine compartment. The model comes brand new in a styrofoam shell box inside a color illustrated box.

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