AutoArt / Millennium Edition / 1953 Corvette Convertible / 1:18th Scale

Polo White

In 1952, GM designer Harley Earl, created a concept car called the Corvette. It was not a name of warship, it was a type of small agile warship in the 19th century and was meant only as a "dream car" for Motorama but the public's reaction was so favorable that General Motors went on to produce their first low-priced roadster with an all-fiberglass body. Based on European sports car designs, the Corvette was a stylish two-seat convertible with a bright polo white body, red leather interior, black canvas top and 15" whitewall tires. Power was provided by a Chevrolet "blue flame" six-cylinder engine with three carburetors and twin exhausts mated with a 2-speed powerglide automatic gearbox. There were no exterior door handles. The doors opened from the inside and detachable plastic side curtains were used instead of windows. Only 300 handmade Corvettes were built in 1953 with a sticker price of US$3,498. They were offered to selected individuals and VIPs and not to the general public.

 This is an impressive model that features opening hood , doors, and trunk with operating steering. The model comes brand new in a styrofoam shell box inside a color illustrated box.

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